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McAfee Antivirus freezes while scanning and/or

While working on a customer laptop, I ran into an issue very similar to the one detailed on McAfee’s Community Forums.

As user Bemused writes,

Hi Tony

Ran another manual scan tonight. Got stuck on two files but left it alone for a while and the scan completed fine – albeit taking longer than usual.

The two stoppages were:

After 1% this file:

And after 41% this file:

As I say I left the computer alone and it restarted the scan and finished with no issues/problems/viruses etc.

I am up to date with Windows and McAfee.

I have just installed Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus via Microsoft’s Home Use Program and I also installed the latest iTunes a couple of weeks back, so I expected the scan to take a bit longer due to the increase in files.

But I am now thinking the size of the Office files is maybe causing the lock-up. Does this sound feasible? I previously believed it was freezing permanently but the scheduled scan got to the end and now the manual scan has done the same once I left it alone.

I freely admit I may be being impatient and it just needs time to navigate the bigger files but I’d appreciate your feedback.

Thanks very much for your assistance


After ruling out hardware issues and other infections, I realized that the file in question was located in a temporary file. After a quick disk cleanup in the C drive’s Tools section, I ran the scan again and it completed successfully.

Hopefully McAfee and Microsoft can collaborate and determine the precise cause. Until then, I hope this helps others who experience this problem.

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