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Importing MaxMind’s World Cities Data to MySQL

One of the inevitable early steps in the development of any location-aware app is linking location in the form of latitude and longitude to a city, state, and country. This short tutorial will describe the few steps needed to import MaxMind’s World Cities database into a table in your own MySQL database. These steps assume […]

State of the art in CAPTCHAs?

CAPTCHAs are a necessary evil. These days there is no lower time-investment trade-off that works as well to prevent automated submissions to comment sections, user registration, and contact forms. That being said, they are not without issues.

Using Session Cookies with SWFUpload, Despite the Bug in Adobe’s Flash Plugin

While adding SWFUpload to a current project, I ran into a fairly well-known Flash bug. In this case, it prevented the logged-in user from re-establishing their session values. Depending on your situation, the solution is simple enough: pass along the Session ID during the file upload, re-establish the session manually before trying to process any […]

Dreamhost API Contest

Web hosting company Dreamhost has recently began to release an API for their users to develop their own special utilities. To help promote the creation of new applications, they are sponsoring a contest with $12,000 in prizes! I’m having a hard time thinking of useful tools that do anything more than relocate their existing control […]