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Initial Thoughts: Buffalo Technology WHR-HP-G300N Router

I recently purchased a brand new high-power router from Buffalo Technology, model WHR-HP-G300N. This router in particular advertises the use of DD-WRT firmware for configuration and customization. Since I prefer to use DD-WRT whenever possible, Buffalo’s adoption of it is a huge bonus.

After setting it up I did the usual connectivity tests and found extremely low connection speeds and lots of dropped packets. A speed test rapidly dropped to under 1Mbit/sec. It seems I’m not alone. Just to make sure, I took removed the router from the network and received speeds between 20-25Mbit/sec with the ISP’s speedtest utility. All indications strongly point to the router.

While there are more people with questions than answers, I’ve seen a few possible suggestions that bear exploration:

  • Change the router mode switch from “Auto” to “on”
  • Call tech support
  • Upgrade the firmware

I’ve long been a fan of Buffalo’s products. I’ve purchased a number of their 802.11G devices and watched as their LinkStation NAS spawned the Kurobox project – a manufacturer-sanctioned customization of their Linux-based firmware. I hope that the resolution to my current problem is straightforward and that I can continue to stand by their products.

Update: 12/2/2010

The problems went away on their own. Just to be sure, I left the Router mode switch in the On position.

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