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State of the art in CAPTCHAs?

CAPTCHAs are a necessary evil. These days there is no lower time-investment trade-off that works as well to prevent automated submissions to comment sections, user registration, and contact forms. That being said, they are not without issues.

Free Wifi Diagnostic Tool: inSSIDer

inSSIDer is a handy free tool for surveying wireless access points around you. Similar to Wifi Analyzer on the Android, this tool displays signal strength and channel usage graphs for all hotspots in the area. Use it to find the channel with the least interference, identify conflicting SSIDs, or just learn more about network hardware […]

Actual dial-up audio 700% slower

Unlike the psychadelic trip-out in this video, this is what the modem dial-up sequence sounds like when slowed down 7 times: Source audio from this video.

The Twitter Firehouse In Action – Gauging the Automated Response

In case you thought no one read your tweets… Following a tweet with a link that I posted earlier today, I checked my server logs to see what kind of response I got. I don’t have many followers.. the custom link shortening site gets little-to-no traffic.. it’s a sleepy Sunday and I don’t expect many […]

Initial Thoughts: Buffalo Technology WHR-HP-G300N Router

I recently purchased a brand new high-power router from Buffalo Technology, model WHR-HP-G300N. This router in particular advertises the use of DD-WRT firmware for configuration and customization. Since I prefer to use DD-WRT whenever possible, Buffalo’s adoption of it is a huge bonus. After setting it up I did the usual connectivity tests and found […]