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Using Session Cookies with SWFUpload, Despite the Bug in Adobe’s Flash Plugin

While adding SWFUpload to a current project, I ran into a fairly well-known Flash bug. In this case, it prevented the logged-in user from re-establishing their session values. Depending on your situation, the solution is simple enough: pass along the Session ID during the file upload, re-establish the session manually before trying to process any […]

Initial Thoughts: Buffalo Technology WHR-HP-G300N Router

I recently purchased a brand new high-power router from Buffalo Technology, model WHR-HP-G300N. This router in particular advertises the use of DD-WRT firmware for configuration and customization. Since I prefer to use DD-WRT whenever possible, Buffalo’s adoption of it is a huge bonus. After setting it up I did the usual connectivity tests and found […]

Moped Rebuild: Let’s begin

The Plan After working on a Honda Express II last summer, I decided that it was time to purchase a real ride. The idea was to findĀ  a working scooter in good, ride-able condition. I wanted to be able to fill it with gas, put in the key, and ride around town. No hassles, just […]

Firefox 3.5 has arrived

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 has been released. They claim improved JavaScript performance and an overall faster browsing experience. I really hope that’s the case. My main development station is a Thinkpad T30. Not the fastest machine around, but rock solid IBM design. It’s starting to show its age, especially on JS heavy sites, so any software-based […]

Dreamhost API Contest

Web hosting company Dreamhost has recently began to release an API for their users to develop their own special utilities. To help promote the creation of new applications, they are sponsoring a contest with $12,000 in prizes! I’m having a hard time thinking of useful tools that do anything more than relocate their existing control […]