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Moped Rebuild: Let’s begin

The Plan

After working on a Honda Express II last summer, I decided that it was time to purchase a real ride. The idea was to findĀ  a working scooter in good, ride-able condition. I wanted to be able to fill it with gas, put in the key, and ride around town. No hassles, just 2-wheeled freedom.

OK, 1.. 2.. 3.. rebuild!

Instead, I found the cheapest, most run-down moped I have ever seen and bought it.

The Project

When I first saw the photo on craigslist, I didn’t know what I was looking at. I just knew it was old and it was $50. The NEW plan was to see how much it would cost to rebuild properly, or just part it out and make back the money spent.

It turns out that I had purchased a 1964 Honda C102, commonly known as a Honda Super Cub. The prospect of restoring an early Honda moped was quite interesting. It had a lot of specs that I was looking for in my original purchase: 2 seater, 4-stroke engine, and it doesn’t look like as much of a toy (compared to the Honda Express II at least.)

Given the condition and age of the bike at the time of purchase, nothing less than a complete rebuild is required. Unlike my hasty repairs on my last moped, I really feel a moped of this age and significance needs a lot of attention to be a safe, fun, and attractive when it’s done. At the same time, I have a new opportunity to learn about the mechanics of it.

So, the list of tasks:

  • Complete the engine – it’s missing the cylinder, head, piston, and valves
  • Tear the bike down completely
  • Rebuild the engine, transmission, clutch, and starter
  • The usual rebuild maintenance: clean the carburetor, replace gaskets, air filter, decarbonize muffler, check contact points
  • Rebuild the suspension, steeringĀ  bearings
  • Clean the wheels, replace the breaks if necessary
  • Review the electrical system
  • Repaint the frame!
  • Put it back together
  • Ride!!

The project began April 1st, when the bike was delivered.. Let’s see how long until I get it on the road.

How hard can it be?!

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One Comment

  1. cookson says:

    Good luck Jeff, I have just bought a honda pf50 novio to restore. I think the engine is seized but we shall see.
    Will be interesting to see how you get on with your bike.