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Importing MaxMind’s World Cities Data to MySQL

One of the inevitable early steps in the development of any location-aware app is linking location in the form of latitude and longitude to a city, state, and country. This short tutorial will describe the few steps needed to import MaxMind’s World Cities database into a table in your own MySQL database. These steps assume […]

State of the art in CAPTCHAs?

CAPTCHAs are a necessary evil. These days there is no lower time-investment trade-off that works as well to prevent automated submissions to comment sections, user registration, and contact forms. That being said, they are not without issues.

The Honda Amigo

This past winter I purchased a PF50R Honda Amigo moped. I quickly learned that this vehicle is relatively rare in America. While I was able to find parts and service manuals, most of the reference materials and parts websites are in Dutch. It seems this model is very popular in Holland and Belgium (where mine […]

Something like Spring

Perhaps it wouldn’t be fair to call it hibernating, given the mild winter. The Iditarod is still winding down and I have a ton on my plate for the coming months, but for the first time in many months I have time to think about the road ahead. It’s not like I have the wildest […]

Free Wifi Diagnostic Tool: inSSIDer

inSSIDer is a handy free tool for surveying wireless access points around you. Similar to Wifi Analyzer on the Android, this tool displays signal strength and channel usage graphs for all hotspots in the area. Use it to find the channel with the least interference, identify conflicting SSIDs, or just learn more about network hardware […]